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Leading the smart construction, “con-tech”

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”Con-tech“ refers to the automation and digitalization of the construction industry based on the innovative technologies. And it has led the new renaissance of the construction industry by bringing innovation to the global construction field. And an integrated cooperative platform that can design the building as well as check and manage the entire construction procedure has been developed. A precise AI machine, which is created based on the big data collected from thousands of construction sites throughout the country, is applied to the cooperative platform. And it can be checked with a computer or with a mobile application. Expanding the use of BIM, or Building Information Modeling technologies and improving them are necessary for the innovative growth of the construction industry. The designing, modeling, calculation of resources and simulations are carried out with the technologies. Also, a more effective environment that produces and uses a custom library has been built based on the GDL, or Geometric Description Language. We introduce ”con-tech,“ which has brought about innovative changes to the entire construction procedure including designing, building and maintenance.

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